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Take a Culture Trip

The continent of Africa is as diverse as it is large, sustaining literally millions of animals and an entire armada of different cultures and clans. Virtually every country has been influenced by Chinese, Arabic and European traditions, creating a melange of cultures both fascinating and unique. An African safari holiday is, in essence, the consummate culture trip.

Even if you are confined to the treasures of Southern Africa or to the premier wildlife regions of East Africa, you will be dumbfounded by the different peoples, cultures, activities, flora, fauna and climate waiting to be revealed by reputable tour operators.

Premier destinations

There are a number of premier destinations that together or separately can create the perfect culture safari, including South Africa, the Kingdom of Swaziland, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya, all of which can be traversed by dedicated coach tours, minibus tours or self drive tours.

South Africa - a world in one country

South Africa is renowned as a 'world in one country' purely because of its immense diversity. From the jewel of the Western Cape where the European influence remains dominant to the kingdom of the Zulus, KwaZulu Natal, where visitors can interact with the inhabitants of a genuine Zulu homestead or kraal, there is the 'Full Monty' of cultures.

From the fabulous winelands of the Cape to the wide open expanses of gritty African bushveld, resplendent with a variety of wild animals and birds, South Africa is a nation that boats not one or two official languages but virtually a dozen - 11 to be exact - testimony of the diversity of the young democracy.

Swaziland - one of the last remaining monarchies on earth

The tiny, landlocked nation of Swaziland is one of the last remaining kingdoms on earth and the colourful Swazi culture continues undisturbed. The annual Swazi Reed Dance, or "Umhlanga", held in late August or early September each year is a must for visitors keen on culture. Unmarried maidens collect reeds at sacred spots to repair the Queen Mother's home and then conglomerate in one large, beautiful group to pay homage to their leader, King Mswati lll.

Kenya and Tanzania - Annual migration of the Serengeti

Both Kenya and Tanzania offer incomparable wildlife experiences, including the annual migration of the Serengeti where hundreds of thousands of ungulates, Wildebeest and Zebra, trudge through teeming rivers and across arid plains in search of greener pastures.

Mozambique - an unparalleled tropical paradise

Mozambique, on the Indian Ocean, offers an entirely new option - an unparalleled tropical paradise where leatherback turtles, dugongs and fleets of colourful fish rule the ocean. Sumptuous prawns and other seafood delicacies are the traditional fare of the day where the colonial Portuguese influence is still quite marked.

The 'hot zones' of Botswana and Namibia

Then there are the 'hot zones' of Botswana and Namibia where the Central Kalahari and Namib deserts reign supreme. Both have a number of exciting and unique cultures, including the endangered Khoi-San Bushmen, the Herero, the Himba and Owambo peoples, all of whom have protected their traditions over the long years of colonial domination.

To tour Africa is to tour the world, so don the pith helmet, pack the family and head for a cultural experience like no other!

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